Our Low vision programs help our patient improve their vision or low vision by restoring functional ability and improving quality of life and independence in an individual who has lost visual function through illness or injury.

Blurry Vision
High Blood Pressure
Difficulty breathing
Chest pain

when do you seek help

Many factors affect our vision. There are also other factors such as headaches or vomit feeling that are connected with eye problems. Some are minor, but others might need a more intense medical diagnosis. 

Do you experience severe eye pain? Is it recurring?
Do you sometimes or consistently have hazy, blurry, or have double visions?

How about seeing flashes of lights or spots?

Other symptoms also include seeing halos, rainbow visions, or any other distractions on your regular sight are alarming.

If you experience these things or feel any unusual feelings, visit your doctor immediately, raise your concerns for proper diagnosis, and prevent it from getting worse. 

Jojo Rehab therapy Low vision program can help you prevent complete blindless.

What is

Low vision is different from those eye problems, typically corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Usually partially sighted or are legally blind, falls under the low vision program.

A Partially sighted individual are those persons whose visual acuity are between 20/70 and 20/200. 

A legally blind individual, on the other hand, is those visual acuity is no better than 20/200. 

Some people are born with low visions, while others acquire it as they age or medical reasons. Whichever the causes are, you should make sure to get yourself checked to save even at the smallest percentage ratio you can save for you to see and live everyday life.